ATLAS 1000 represents, for its simplicity of use and robustness, one of the indispensable machines in every mechanical workshop specialized in the repair and maintenance of agricultural tractors.
ATLAS 1000 is used for lifting, handling and parking of tractors, even if they do not have rear wheels.
Thanks to ATLAS 1000, access to the area below the tractor’s cab, for normal cleaning, adjustment, maintenance or repair, is extremely easy.
The connection of ATLAS 1000 to the tractor takes place simply, thanks to the presence of a fast and secure system, which can be managed by a single operator.
The presence of increased hydraulic pipes allows to connect the hydraulic system to a secondary tractor in case of impossibility to start the machine in question.
The wheels of ATLAS 1000 guarantee the movement of the tractor, without the rear wheels, both inside mechanical workshops and foregrounds, both on unpaved ground (fields, plots) facilitating the recovery of broken down tractors and the subsequent loading on transport vehicles adequate.
If the tractor is equipped with a double traction, it will be sufficient to activate the all-wheel drive control in order to move it normally.
The front wheels will provide the necessary traction for the movement, while the wheels of the rear lifter will guarantee the necessary support.
The movement of ATLAS 1000, when disconnected from the tractor, is facilitated by the presence of support wheels able to support the machine.
The strength of an operator is sufficient to make the movements manually thanks to a comfortable handlebar grip.

Main components
ATLAS 1000 is made up of a main frame connected to a mobile secondary frame to which is connected a rigid axle equipped with two wheels.
The movement of the second frame is controlled by the driving position of the tractor to which ATLAS 1000 is connected, thanks to a double-acting hydraulic system consisting of flexible pipes with quick couplings, a system for compensating the movements of the two jacks and a valve block useful to stop the falling movement in case of damage.
When ATLAS 1000 is disconnected from the tractor, it is possible to unload the weight on the ground thanks to a manually lowerable foot equipped with a wheel.
This wheel, thanks also to the presence of a handlebar for the manual grip of the machine, allows a comfortable movement inside the workshop.

ATLAS 1000 technical features
Work excursion mm 500
Wheel diameter 750 mm
Maximum pressure of the hydraulic circuit bar 100
Maximum lifting mass 8,000 kg
Maximum travel speed with raised tractor Km/h 5
Width mm 2000/2400
Maximum height of the machine disconnected mm 1700
Length 1500 mm
Roadway mm 1800
Mass kg 537

Optional accessories
On request, the following accessories can be installed:

  • Alternative tires: 215/75 R17.5, 225/75 R17.5, 235/75 R17.5, 245/70 R17.5, 265/70 R17.5
  • Adapters for non-pierced tow bar slide

Atlas 1000


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