Atlas 1000

Atlas 1000 is a lift cart for tractors/tractor jack designed and patented by Agrinord srl, developed in collaboration with IMAMOTER (Institute for Agricultural Machinery and Earth-Moving Machinery – CNR – National Research Council) and built, in Italy, by Ricca Andrea & C snc.
Intended for manufacturers of tractors, dealers and workshops of agricultural machinery, contractors and farmers, Atlas 1000 was awarded as a technical novelty at the recent 2018 edition of the EIMA and at the 37th National Agricultural Mechanization Fair in Savigliano.
Designed to lift and support the rear part of the tractor, Atlas 1000 allows the disassembly of the rear wheels in an easy, fast and in total safety way.
Characterized by a high versatility, Atlas 1000 makes easier the operations of:

  • disassembling wheels
  • washing tractors
  • maintenance and repair
  • handling without the rear wheels
  • tests and settings
  • recovery in the field of tractors with out-of-use transmission

Atlas 1000 is different from other products on the market, which use the tractor’s lifting to raise the rear from the ground, due to the presence of two double-acting pistons that can be hooked to the hydraulic sockets of the tractor itself or another active tractor.
The possibility of lifting a tractor without working hydraulics, using the hydraulic sockets of another active tractor, makes it a unique product on the market.
The practicality of use, the ease of connection to the tractor, the increase in safety that this device allows to reach and its simple maintenance guarantee great operational and economic satisfactions.



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